What is the deadline for nominating a speaker?

Friday, November 1, 2019

Can I nominate myself as a speaker?

Yes! Anyone can be nominated and many people self-nominate.

Can I nominate someone I don’t know personally?

Yes! Anyone can be nominated and the nomination process is designed to seek out all great ideas!

Can I submit multiple nominations for different people?

Yes! We welcome all recommendations and are eager to learn of anyone and everyone’s ideas that spark inspiration and conversation.

Can I nominate someone multiple times for different ideas?

Yes! We are eager to learn of all ideas

Do I need to inform my nominee of my nomination of them?

Not necessarily, but the earlier they know, the earlier they can start preparing. Their involvement will likely help you in answering the questions in the nomination process.

What types of speakers are you looking for?

TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto aims to attract a wide range of dynamic speakers who represent multiple and diverse backgrounds, industries, disciplines, and experiences.

Do speakers get assigned a coach?

The TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto Leadership team has a list of coaches available for speakers to select from. All coaches have previous experience as either coaches or speakers for previous TEDx events. Speakers are also welcome to select their own professional coach and must simply advise the organizers if this is the case so to ensure that all expectations of the talk content and presentation style are met in accordance with the rules and schedule.

How much experience do I need to have in public speaking?

Experience with public speaking can be beneficial in preparing you for your talk, but is not the determining factor in becoming a TEDx speaker. Those selected to speak at TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto will work one-on-one with a coach leading up to the event and will have ample time to prepare for the delivery of an engaging talk.

How much time do speakers have to commit to this event?

Speakers should expect to commit a significant amount of time in developing their idea and rehearsing their talk prior to the event. We have developed a Talk Development Schedule to guide speakers through their preparations with key milestones. However, speakers can work with their coaches to customize this schedule around other time commitments. We generally recommend that speakers meet with their coaches monthly (in person, on the phone, or online) in the early stages of developing their talk and bi-weekly to rehearse their presentation closer to the date.

How much do speakers get paid?

Speakers are not paid for TEDx speaking engagements in accordance with the rules of the TEDx program. The goal of TEDx is to provide an open platform to showcase innovative and inspiring ideas around the world.

How long are TEDx talks?

The TEDx program rules require talks to be under 18 minutes. We recommend that speakers aim to develop a talk between 10-12 minutes.