On The Verge

What if we were to consider that ambiguous space between an idea and action? The “in between” can include excitement, fear, frustration, and infinite potential. It is a space where everything and nothing seem possible. TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto will take a leap from the unknown and explore what it means to be on the verge.

We are at a critical moment in time where the ideas we nurture and the decisions we make can have profound impacts on the world. On the verge invites you to explore the evolving middle ground, which demands the courage to consider ourselves, our relationships, and the places we inhabit as fluid and uncertain.

We are in the midst of complex challenges and opportunities. To be on the verge captures the possibility that anything can happen. How we react to these possibilities depends on recognizing them first.

At TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto, we will do exactly that.